Valentine's Nail Art & Designs!

Valentine's Nail Art & Designs!

With Valentines just around the corner we have put together our favourite nail art looks that we know you will fall in love with!

To find out how to prep your nails and apply gel polish use our handy guide here.


 A classic symbol of valentines how could we not include!

We love this heart nail art using colours A097 Pink Glow & 80518 Blackpool along with our dotting tool and fine liner brush.

Apply your Base Coat (cure) and 1 coat of A097 (cure). Once you have applied a 2nd coat of A097 and cured use the smaller end of your dotting tool and a small amount of 80518, add two small dots to your nails parallel to each other. Using your nail art brush bring the 2 small dots to a point to create a perfect heart shape! Once you are happy with your heart design cure and then finish with our No Wipe Top Coat!


Abstract Love!

Create a minimalistic design that will make you swoon.

Using 80564 Bare Lingerie and our fave classic red D160 Pillar Box Red with our fine liner brush.

Apply your Base Coat (cure) and 2 coats of 80564 (cure in between each coat)

Using your nail art brush take a small amount of D160 and draw a curved line from the top of the nail to the bottom and fill in the colour (cure) If needed apply a second coat of D160 (cure) and finish with our No Wipe Top Coat. An elegant but classic nail design!



French Tip Twist

Glitter is always a hit to add some sparkle to your valentine nails!

Using one of our fave nudes ND20 Stoned Rose and our Metallic Gel Paint in BJ03 Good As Gold we love this subtle design with a twist on a classic a French Manicure.

Apply your Base Coat (cure) and 2 coats of ND20 (cure between each coat)

Using your fine liner brush take a small amount of BJ03 and apply to the tip of your nail (we also love the effect of adding to the half moon at the top of the nail!) Cure and finish with our No Wipe Top Coat!



Sweet Like Candy

For nails as sweet as candy we love this pretty pink and white nail art design using 80526 Studio White and A088 Bright Pink 

Apply your Base Coat (cure) and 2 coats of A088 (cure between each coat)

Using our dotting tools and nail art brushes create a mix of patterns on each nail. We love using hearts, dots and stripes to create fun and flirty nail designs!

Finish with our No Wipe Matte Top Coat for a stunning matte effect!



Oh Baby!

Simple and pretty a classic baby pink is a sweet contrast to nude for valentine's nails! We love our Anniversary Duo including 80504 Romantique and 80593 Fragrant Freesia. Wear individually or apply 80593 over 80504 for a sparkly take on baby pink nails!


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