Bluesky Gum Gel Nail Extension Kit

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Get started with nail extensions with our Gum Gel Kit! Create gorgeous nails from home with our Poly Gel kit and step-by-step tutorial video.

Here's what's included in your kit:

1x Gum Gel 60g - Choice of 8 colours
1x Gum Gel Application Brush
1x Bluesky Nail File 100/180 (Square)
1x Box of Dual Forms (100 Pack)
1x Cuticle Pusher 
1x Orange Wood Stick

How to use Gum Gel:

Get started with nail extensions from home with your new Gum Gel Kit. You'll also need our Cleanser to use as a slip solution - please note, this is not included in your kit and will need to be purchased separately here.

Here's a full tutorial so you can see exactly how it's done. Once you've finished creating the extensions, simply buff over the nails and then apply base, gel colour and top coat as normal!

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Quick and easy nail extensions from home

FAST & EASY APPLICATION: Applied and cured as fast and easily as gel colors, our Poly Gel Nail Kit will change the way you create nail enhancements.

NAIL EXTENSIONS: Use our Bluesky Gum Gel with nail forms and a LED UV lamp to create beautiful nail extensions, sculpt shapes and enhance your nails.

KIT INCLUDES: Poly gel 60g (colour of your choice), Nail Forms, Nail File, Cuticle Pusher, Orange Wood Stick, Gum Gel Poly Gel application brush.

EASY REMOVAL: Safe and easily remove Gum Gel Poly Gel with our Bluesky gel polish remover products or acetone.

VEGAN FRIENDLY & CRUELTY-FREE: Bluesky products are and always will be cruelty-free - we never test on animals. We are also registered by The Vegan Society as Vegan Friendly.

Gum gel applies easily and cures as fast as gel polish

- Use with dual nail forms to easily create nail extensions
- Sculpt over forms or use as an overlay for extension tips
- Cures in as little as 60 seconds under LED, or 2 minutes UV
- Soaks off easily with acetone - Kit includes: Poly Gel/ Gum Gel, Brush, Nail Forms, Nail File, Cuticle Pusher, Orange Wood Stick

gum gel nail extension

What you get

clear gum 60g

Bluesky Gum Gel 60g
(colour of your choice)

- Create extensions, sculpt shapes and enhance your nails

- Applied and cured as fast and easily as gel polish colours

dual nail forms

Bluesky Dual Nail Forms

- Box of 100 Nail forms

- Easy to use

- High Quality

cuticle pusher

Bluesky Cuticle Pushers

- Double ended for dual use 

- Pointed end perfect for nail art

- Kit also comes with a Double-ended Metal Cuticle Pusher

brush and nail file

Bluesky Brush & Nail File

- Nail File

- Dual Grade Grit (100/180) - Brush - Perfectly designed for easy application

gum gel
nail form
cuticle pusher
brush file

Trusted by 1000's of happy customers worldwide

A global gel polish brand loved by manicure enthusiasts all over the world, Bluesky offers hundreds of vegan-friendly and cruelty-free gel polish colours that set trends every season. Here's what our customers have to say about Bluesky Gum Gel Nail Extension Kit:



contains all the essentials you need to remove gel polish, keep your natural nails healthy and ready for your next manicure.





Bluesky Hard Gel is extremely versatile allowing you to not only add extra strength to your nails, but also create short extensions up to 2mm.