Work With Bluesky

Want to become a friend of the brand? You can apply to join our team using the form below!

Before applying, we ask that you tick all the below criteria:

  1. I only use Bluesky nail products
  2. I am already subscribed to Bluesky NailMail 
  3. I have a public social media account(s) with 1,000+ followers 
  4. I already ‘like’ the Bluesky Instagram and Facebook pages 
  5. I am 18+ years old
  6. I live in and am eligible to work in the UK

Please submit the following in our Contact Form below to include: 

  1. Your social media handles
  2. Links to 2-3 examples of your previous work
  3. A short and snappy paragraph explaining why you should be the next Bluesky Ambassador.

Successful applicants will be contacted via email. You can also take a look at everything you need to know about becoming a member of the Bluesky team before you apply.