AquaColor Pen Tutorial


Preparation is everything...

  1. Use the Bluesky Nail File to file your nails to the desired shape.
  2. Push back and trim your cuticles.
  3. Gently buff your nails with your Bluesky Nail Buffer.
  4. Clean your nails with a Bluesky Cleanser Wipe.
  5. To prep your AquaColor pen if it's your first time using it, you'll also need to open the box and remove the empty pen and cartridge; disassemble the pen and carefully remove the rubber cap from the cartridge keeping the cartridge upright.
  6. Plug the cartridge into the pen and reassemble. 

Choose a white or light colour...

  1. Apply a thin layer of Bluesky Base Coat to all five nails, capping the ends. Avoid the skin and cuticle.
  2. Cure for 60 seconds under the Bluesky lamp, it will still be tacky but this is normal.
  3. Apply a white/light colour polish in the same way as the base coat; a thin coat, cap the end, avoid your skin.
  4. Cure for 60 seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 building up the colour each time. 1 coat will give a sheer finish, 2 is normal, 3 will be a solid colour.
  6. Take your desired AquaColor pen and get designing! As shown above, dotting small circles and then using our blender pen can help you create patterns.
  7. Let each design dry naturally for 30-60 seconds before applying a top coat and curing for 60 seconds.
  8. Use a Bluesky Cleanser Wipe to remove the sticky residue leaving super shiny nails.