PH Bond

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Bluesky's PH Bond is an essential prep step in any nail regime. This advanced, salon-grade formula has been specifically designed to optimise the adhesion of all types of gel, acrylic, or regular nail polish. With a formulation that expertly balances the PH of the natural nail surface, it creates the perfect canvas for any nail service.

Protect the natural nail and make it less prone to peeling and chipping. Suitable for professional nail artists, at-home manicure enthusiasts, and everyone in between! Our PH Bond is the secret weapon for flawless, durable, salon-quality nails. 

How to Use:

After your nail prep wipe over your nail with a Cleanser Wipe. Apply a small amount of PH Bond to each nail allowing it to air dry. Once dried continue with your Gel Manicure as usual.