Bluesky Gel Polish Cleanser & Remover Duo

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This duo set contains our Bluesky Cleanser Solution and Gel Polish Remover in a choice of 100ml and 250ml bottles. The perfect solutions for every gel manicure, whether you're at home or in the salon!

How to use:

Prep and wipe nails with Bluesky Cleanser before Base Coat for every gel nail manicure; use to wipe nails after applying Top Coat for a high-shine, salon-quality finish.

Acetone remover soaks off all gel polish including gel nail extensions, Poly Gel, nail tips, nail glue, Acrylics.

Gel polish remover soaks off gel polish safely and gently with no damage caused to natural nail.

Your Set Contains:

1x Bluesky Gel Polish Cleanser
1x Bluesky Acetone Remover

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