Bluesky French Ombré Nail Art Kit (10ml)

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Our French Ombré kit includes an Ombré Nail Brush, pink and white gel polish along with a gorgeous glitter gel to create your nail art.

Your French Ombré Kit Includes:

1x Romantique (80504) 10ml
1x Studio White (80526) 10ml
1x Fairy Dust (63903) 10ml
1x Ombré Brush (BN009)

How To Create Ombré Nails:

1. Prepare your nails as normal using a file, buffer and Bluesky Cleanser Wipes.

2. Apply a thin layer Bluesky Base Coat, avoiding your skin and cuticle, and cure for 60 seconds in your Bluesky lamp. 

3. Apply a thin layer of Romantique to the bottom half of your nail.

4. Apply a thin layer of Studio White to the top half of your nail, pushing the brush towards the coat of Romantique to meet the colour. 

5. Hold the Ombré Brush straight above your nail. With a very light touch, use a sweeping movement horizontally across your nail to mix the colours together. Once happy with the coverage, cure for 60 seconds. 

6. Repeat steps 2-4 until you are happy with your design.

7. OPTIONAL STEP: if you want to add some sparkle to your design, apply 1 coat of Fairy Dust to all four nails and thumb. Cure for 60 seconds.

8. Apply a thin layer of Bluesky Top Coat, cure for 60 seconds, and wipe with a Cleanser Wipe to finish!