Bluesky Nail Art Brushes - 4 Piece Set

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Get ready to become a nail art expert with our ultimate Nail Art Brush Set! Get your hands on our four must-have brushes to create detailed and free- flowing nail design. It's time to create!

Your Set Includes...

Detailed Design and Filling Brush (XS) : BN013

As the shortest brush in this set, it is perfect for those close up and detailed nail art designs.

Detailed Design and Filling Brush (S): BN014

Used for basic outline work and filling shapes using gel polish, gel paint or other nail art products. 

Short Line Brush: BN015

The perfect brush to create soft, flowing lines.

Long Line Brush: BN016

Use for applying long accurate lines to your nails using gel polish or other nail art products.

Tip: The shorter the brush the more control you have over intricate designs