Bluesky Nail Art Brushes - 5 Piece Set

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Get ready to become a nail art expert with our ultimate Nail Art Brush Set! Get your hands on our five must-have brushes to create and craft any type of nail design. It's time to create!

Your Set Includes...

Liner Brush: BN002

A fine brush for the most intricate nail art designs. Perfect for drawing on patterns and lines. Our essential brush for when you're using Gel Paint.

Angled Brush: BN005

Used for tapering points, blending colours and great for applying loose glitter too!

Pointed Brush: BN006

The perfect pointed tip for nail art and for any clean-ups too - simply use your clean brush to remove any excess gel from around your nail before curing your design.

Gel Application Brush: BN008

Tapered for precise application. Use for applying nail art designs to your nails using gel polish or other nail art products.

Ombre Brush: BN009

Your best friend for any ombre nail design! Use to create ombre or blended nails.