How To Use Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint

How To Use Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint

Gel Paint is our must-have for easy nail art designs, and we're so excited to be bringing you a brand new range of Gel Paints. Introducing: Metallic Sparkle Gel Paints!

How do you use Gel Paint?

Our Gel Paint is an essential for nail art! You can draw any design on top of your favourite gel polish colours easily. Our Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint is highly pigmented and packed with glitter sparkles, meaning you can also use it for full-coverage over your nails too.

Gel Paint is incredibly versatile and really useful because you don't have to Top Coat it! It leaves no sticky residue, meaning you can Top Coat your gel polish, draw your design using Gel Paint, cure and you're done!

Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint

How do you apply Gel Paint?

Like our classic Gel Paints, the Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint is applied using nail art brushes. You can use our Liner Brush (BN002) to draw lines and more intricate designs. Our Application Brush (BN005) has a great square shape, meaning it's our favourite brush for applying the Gel Paint to your nail for a fully covered look.

What designs can you create using Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint?

We first introduced our new Gel Paint is part of May's Nail Mail Discovery Edition, and our Technical Specialist Maya got really creative with these gorgeous designs. You can see this in action and learn more about the Metallic Gel Paint range by watching the full tutorial.

How To Use Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint

How To Create Ombré Nail Art:

  • Apply your Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds in your Bluesky Lamp.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of a nude base - we've used Feelin' Good from January's Nail Mail - curing for 60 seconds between each new coat.
  • Using your Liner Brush, take Riviera from May's Nail Mail and carefully draw your outline as show in the tutorial.
  • Do the same with Wildflower (May Nail Mail exclusive), then then fill in the space with each colour until the colours meet the the middle.
  • Now, take your Ombré Brush (BN009) and lightly blend the two colours together. Cure for 60 seconds, and then repeat to build up the effect.
  • Once happy with your design, cure for a final 60 seconds and apply a No Wipe Top Coat, giving this another 60 second cure.
  • Now, take your Liner Brush and your Metallic Sparkle Gel Paint to outline your design as shown.
  • Cure and then you're ready to go, as it doesn't need a Top Coat!

You can shop all our Metallic Sparkle Gel Paints here and get creative!

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