Bluesky Nail Mail 3 Month Subscription

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Discover 3 x brand new Limited Edition gel polish colours delivered direct to your door every single month! Our 3 Month Subscription lets you pay upfront for 3 months of Nail Mail and will auto-renew every 3 months.


Each month, for 3 months, you'll receive three brand new colours in our new 5ml miniature gel polish bottles. 

These Limited Edition 5ml colours will be exclusive to Bluesky Nail Mail subscribers and you won't find them anywhere else in the UK! 


Get 3 x 5ml Limited Edition gel polish colours each month plus a discovery item with our Monthly Subscription Service!

Open up a whole world of opportunity with our brand new discovery add on. Each month, we'll give you a sneak peak into something different to complement your Nail Mail.

Your add on can be anything from early access to a new product, a nail art addition to enhance your manicure or something new you've never tried before.

Discover endless possibilities every month!


How does our 3 Month Nail Mail subscription work?

Whatever date you subscribe, your 3 month Nail Mail payment will be processed on that date every 3 months.

You will always receive the colours of the month you begin your subscription - e.g. if you subscribe 1-30th November, you will receive November's colours.

You'll be charged on the same date every 3 months until you choose to cancel your subscription. Nail Mail will be on sale until the last day of the month until 4pm, subject to availability.

Got a question about the Subscription Service?

Check out our full FAQs here for everything you need to know about your subscription. 

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