What is Ridge Filler?

What is Ridge Filler?

When it comes to gel manicures, if you get the base right, the rest will follow.

But if you struggle with ridges or dents in your nails, you’ll know all too well that achieving that perfectly polished look for your nails can be difficult. Using a Ridge Filler Base Coat can hold the key to your nail worries and create a super smooth base - meaning longer-lasting gel manicures and nails you can definitely show off!

What is a ridge filling base coat?

A Ridge Filler Base Coat smooths out any ridges or bumps in your natural nails. Using Ridge Filler will leave an even surface for easier application of your gel polish.

How does nail ridge filler work?

Ridge Filler is a self-leveling base coat, meaning that it fills in any uneven surfaces on your nails to create a perfectly smooth base for your gel manicure. The formula ‘grips’ to your nail plate to smooth the surface of your nails, filling the grooves and making it even.

Ridge Filler is applied instead of your normal base coat and cured for 60 seconds under your LED nail lamp (or 2 minutes if you’re using UV). You can then continue with your gel manicure as normal, just with much smoother nails!

What is a Ridge Filler Base Coat?

What types of Ridge Filler are there?

The classic Ridge Filler is clear, like any other base coat, so can be used as a base for any gel nail manicure. Simply switch your usual Bluesky Base Coat for our Clear Ridge Filler, curing for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV and then continuing with your manicure as normal.

Our Ridge Filler also comes in white, pink, light nude and dark nude and can be used in plenty of different ways.

This includes:

  • Using as a normal base coat, applying 1 coat of your chosen Ridge Filler and continuing with your gel manicure as usual.
  • Using underneath neon gel polish to create a base for the colour coat, applying 1-2 coats of Ridge Filler until happy with opacity.
  • Using as a solid colour for a quick and easy gel manicure, applying 2-3 coats of Ridge Filler in your chosen colour and finishing with a Bluesky Top Coat.
  • Using as a Base to our new 2 in 1 Matte Gel Polish - applying 1 coat of our White Ridge Filler Base coat gives a great base to them apply 1-2 coats of our 2 in 1 Pastel Matte Colour & Top, eliminating the need for a further Top Coat

Do I need to use Ridge Filler?

Ridge Filler Base Coat is perfect for those who struggle with problem nails. Nails that often have ridges or grooves in them or tend to be brittle can benefit from using Ridge Filler rather than a standard base coat. Ridge Filler’s thicker formula and self-levelling capabilities make it the perfect base coat for nails in need of a little TLC.

You can shop all our Ridge Filler Base Coats on our website and take a look at our how-to guide and video for full application tips. 

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  • Victoria

    Do you have to scuff the ridge filler with a nail file to make it rough before applying gel nail polish over it? I read that gel won’t adhere to smooth nails (ie with ridge filler) or isn’t that right? Thanks

  • Bluesky

    Hi Rickie, yes you can shop all our Ridge Filler Base Coats here: https://blueskycosmetics.co.uk/collections/ridge-filler-base-coat

  • Rickie

    Do you carry ridge filler ( base coat ) for Gel nail Polish?

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