How to choose your nail shape

How to choose your nail shape

As important as it is to choose a great colour for your gel polish manicure, selecting the right shape for your nails can be the real difference between a good manicure and a great one.

While you may think it’s as simple as going for the most on-trend shape or the most practical, the right shape can enhance the look of your whole hand for a 10/10 look.

Here are the top 7 nail shapes and how best to style them so that you can find the perfect shape for your next mani.


Round nails

Best for: short nails with a wide nail bed

Round nails are the classic nail shape and a great fit for natural nails. They’re easy to create at home and a great length and shape for those of you who like fuss-free nails that are less likely to break. The round edges of the nail also create the appearance of a longer nail, making your hands look more slender in the process.


Almond nails

Best for: short, wide fingers – helps to lengthen the appearance of nails and hands

With their wide base and slim sides, almond nails are a popular choice when it comes to nail shape. A natural look that makes your fingers look longer; but you’ll have to grow your nails first as this shape is suited to longer natural nails. If you’re still after this look but have short nails, you can try our nail extension products like Gum Gel, Hard Gel or Builder Gel.


Oval nails

Best for: small hands; medium-long nails

Similar in shape to almond nails but with a rounder nail tip, oval nails are great for medium length nails and are ideal for both short and wide nail beds. The shape is great for smaller hands as it elongates the nails to give an illusion of longer fingers.


Square nails

Best for: long fingers; slim hands

A stylish and slightly different look, square nails have straight edges and are squared-off at the tip. They’re also one of the most practical nail shapes out there and low-maintenance, however it’s a look suited to longer nails – so if you’ve got short digits, we’d recommend nail extensions before trying this shape.


Squoval nails

Best for: short nails with low maintenance

Think square nails but slightly curved at the edges. No matter what size your nails are, squoval nails are a great choice as they follow the outline of your cuticle. They don’t require much nail length, so those of you with shorter nails can work with this shape.


Coffin/Ballerina nails

Best for: long Acrylics/nail extensions

A classic shape for those of you who love your nail extensions. The coffin or ballerina shape works on long and strong nails, with the tip squared off to give the appearance of a ballerina’s shoe. You’ll have to grow your nails quite long for this look, so extensions are definitely the way to go.


Stiletto nails

Best for: long Acrylics/nail extensions

The classic look for the most glam nails around. The elongated shape is pointed at the end and great to enhance shorter fingers or to simply go all out. Not the most practical, but the most striking; best created when using nail extension products like Gum Gel.

Now you've chosen your shape, it's time to get started! Remember to pick up your Bluesky Nail File and Nail Buffer to help shape your nails, and take a look at our our tips for prepping your nails to get you on your way.

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