How can I make my gel nails last longer? Our top tips for a long-lasting gel manicure

How can I make my gel nails last longer? Our top tips for a long-lasting gel manicure

A fresh new gel manicure is the stuff of dreams. But if you don’t apply it with care or look after your nails properly, it won’t last!

From preparing the nail for gel polish to taking care of your nails to keep them chip free, we give you our top tips for making sure your gel manicure lasts and looks great.

Prep your nails for gel polish

It really is all in the preparation. While it may take a while, proper nail prep is a key stage in helping your gel mani last longer.

We always recommend pushing your cuticles back and carefully trimming away any loose skin. This will stop any gel polish from accidentally sticking to a loose bit of skin – which can be the main cause of lifting or peeling.

As for the rest of your prep, make sure to follow our 5 most important steps for prepping your nails.

How can I make my gel nails last longer?

How to apply gel polish

The application of gel polish can make or break a manicure. Our three rules are: thin coats, gentle strokes and don’t forget to cap.

Apply thin coats of gel polish to your nail. Thicker coats can go clumpy and be too heavy on the nail, causing bad looking manicures and resulting in lifting.

Gently apply each layer and take your time. Gel manicures aren’t a race, and if you want it to look good there’s no point rushing any step.

Finally, make sure you cap the free edge of your nail after you apply each coat. This will help seal the gel polish to your nail and prevent lifting from the edges of your nails.

Apply cuticle oil regularly

Cuticle oil is the magic ingredient when it comes to keeping your nails healthy and hydrated – and, in turn, helping your gel manicure to last longer. Regularly applying cuticle oil will hydrate your nails, helping them to grow faster and stronger.

How does cuticle oil help your nails? The healthier your natural nails are, the better your gel manicure will be. If you have a great base, the rest really will follow.

Why should I use cuticle oil?

Keep your nails protected

Exposing your nails to hot water and chemicals can cause havoc for your gel nail manicure, leading to breakdown of the gel and potential lifting or chipping.

Whether you’re doing a quick wash of the dishes or a full scale clean of your house, be sure to wear rubber gloves to keep your nails safe from harm and avoid soaking them in hot water for too long.

Don’t use your nails as tools

We know that it’s incredibly tempting to pick at a label or to open a can or a tin using your nails, but something so simple can be the catalyst for causing unwanted chips – or even breaks to longer nails.

Always be careful of how you use your nails in order to prevent any unnecessary damage to your nails or the gel polish.

How to strengthen your nails

Consider using a primer

You do everything in your power to stop your nails from chipping, but that pesky peeling always seems to happen a few days after you’ve applied a fresh new gel manicure. Sound familiar? In cases of premature peeling, it’s worth looking at using an acid-free primer, which helps to dry out the nail bed and assists with the adhesion of gel polish by removing any lasting oils from your nails.

Applying a primer at the start of your gel manicure, just before your base coat, will help prevent lifting and chipping for a longer-lasting manicure.

How long should a gel manicure last?

With proper care, preparation and application, your Bluesky gel polish will last up to two weeks.

It all comes down to making sure you take care of your nails not just when you’re wearing gel polish, but all year round.

And if you start by following our tips, you’ll have a longer-lasting gel manicure in no time at all!

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