How to make your nails grow stronger and longer

How to make your nails grow stronger and longer

Hands up if you love long nails…

We imagine there are quite a lot of you who do. And while gel nail extensions are incredibly popular to give your nails a longer look, sometimes you just want to go au naturel.

From products to filing, take a read of our top tips to help get your nails in shape all year round.

Use cuticle oil daily

Healthy cuticles lead to healthy nails, so it’s wise to get your hands on a cuticle oil and use it as often as you can. Your cuticles actually do all the hard work protecting your nails, so make sure you keep them hydrated to ensure not only good nail growth, but strong nail growth too.

Apply 2-3 drops to each nail and massage into your cuticles to reap the moisturising benefits.

Learn how to file your nails

This might sound strange, but one of the main reasons your nails split and chip is due to overfilling or filing incorrectly. File your nails in one direction and in slow movements – too much too quickly can weaken the nail and cause a break or a frayed edge.

Make sure you choose the correct nail file too. Our Bluesky Nail Files have a dual grade grit of 100/180, with the 180 grit being the softer side that’s great to use when shaping natural nails.

How to file your nails

And always file your nails when they’re dry

Filing your nails when you’re fresh out the bath or shower is a big no no! Why? Hot water softens your nails, which means they’re prime to breaking and splitting if you go straight in with a nail file.

Instead, wait until they’re dry again and aren’t as soft before using a nail file, or your pamper evening may end up with split nails!

Choose your nail shape wisely

Make sure you choose a nail shape that not only works for you, but works for your lifestyle as well. Shorter, rounder nails like almond or oval shaped nails are good for everyday natural nails and are less likely to break due to their shape; whereas square nails are more likely to catch on something or snag.

It’s also worth noting that your nail bed struggles to support nails that get super long – a good rule of thumb is to have your nail no longer than half of your nail bed.

Maintain a balanced diet

While we aren’t going to write you a diet plan for your nails, making sure you maintain a healthy, balanced diet will help with the growth of your nails (and your hair too!)

Consuming foods that include protein, calcium and biotin will help to promote stronger nails as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Hydration helps with keeping your nails and cuticles moisturised, so keeping an eye on how much water you drink can be an easy step towards longer, stronger nails.

Keep your nails hydrated - drink water to add moisture to your skin

There might not be a magic, nail-growing potion (although Cuticle Oil does come close…) but follow our tips and get ready to rock your new nails!

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