United Blingdom - UK 10 Year Anniversary

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Celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky with our new and exclusive glitter gel polish!

We've brought together beautiful colours from different cultures across the globe to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Our UK addition to the 10 Year Anniversary Collection combines gorgeous red, blue and silver glitter for the most patriotic gel manicure around - with the name chosen by you in our social media competition!

Shop The Sets

Get your hands on three more sets in our 10 Year Anniversary Collection, which celebrate cultures from around the world.

Set 1: Kenya, Chile, Spain

Explore the exotic with this bold bubblegum pink inspired by Chile, an eye-popping purple reminiscent of the Kenyan sunset and a gorgeously classic Spanish red.

Set 2: Bulgaria, India, Greece

Get ready to glow all day long with Bulgaria's signature rose shade, the perfect nude pink influenced by India, and Greece's daring dusky purple - all topped with a sparkle!

Set 3: Philippines, Panama, Oman

Glitter lover? Be dazzled by the deep purple tones from the Philippines, Panama's sun-kissed rose gold and our beautiful bronze shade influenced by Oman.