Bluesky Gel Polish - Limited Edition Lucky Set - Set 6

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As luck would have it Bluesky have created 20 stunning Limited Edition Gift Sets. Each set contains 6 gel polish colours to create amazing gel nails for any occasion!

Buy now as once they're gone, they're gone!

Set 6 includes:
  • 80604 - (Plum, Brown with Bronze Glitter)
  • 80604 - (Metallic Bronze Brown)
  • AS20 - (Plum with Gold Glitter)
  • KA3432 - (Dark Red with Red Glitter Chunks)
  • KA3452 - (Dark Red with Fine Red Glitter)
  • TOB191 - (Dark Red)
How to apply gel polish:

Bluesky gel polish requires a base coat and top coat as well as the use of an LED/UV lamp to cure each layer.