Bluesky Essentials Top and Base Set 6 x 10ml

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Get all your manicure essentials in one set! Stock up on Base Coat, our best-selling Top Coats and most popular manicure products.

Your Set Includes 1x 10ml bottles of...


Apply this as part of your nail prep routine. Our acid-free formula will remove any lasting oils from your nails to help prevent premature lifting. No need to cure - your Primer will air dry in 60-90 seconds.

Base Coat

The first coat for every gel manicure! After prepping your nails following our application guide, apply a thin layer of Base Coat to all nails. Cap the free edge of your nail and avoid your skin and cuticle. Cure in your Bluesky Lamp for 60 seconds.

Top Coat

Finish every manicure by applying a thin layer of Top Coat to all nails in the same way as your base and colour coats. Cure for a final 60 seconds and wipe with a Cleanser Wipe for a high-shine, glossy finish.

No Wipe Top Coat

Our quickest way to finish your gel mani! Apply No Wipe Top Coat to all nails and cure for a final 60 seconds and your nails are complete - no need to wipe with cleanser with our No Wipe formula! 

Matte Top Coat

Mix up your finish with a matte effect. Apply our Matte Top Coat to your nails and cure for a final 60 seconds to reveal your matte finish!

Cuticle Oil

Nourish and hydrate your nails with Cuticle Oil. Apply directly to your cuticles using the brush provided and massage in for best results (contains sweet almond oil).