Bluesky Blossom Trio Kit

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Our Bluesky Blossom Trio kit is blooming marvellous for creating pretty nail art! Blossom Gel will bloom in front of your eyes to create stunning nail designs and floral patterns. 

Your Set Includes:

White Blossom Base Coat - start every Blossom Gel design with this base
Be My Dahlia (Blossom 02) - a stunning deep pink
Thistle Do Nicely (Blossom 03) - a gorgeous dark purple

How to use Blossom Gel:

Blossom Gel trio how to Blossom gel trio how to

Prep & Base Coat

Prep nails - file, buff, trim cuticles.

Use a Bluesky Cleanser Wipe to cleanse each nail to remove dust and debris.

Apply Blossom Base Coat to the nail or nails that you want to apply your nail art to - don't cure yet!

Tip: If you want Blossom Gel as a feature nail, we recommend working on the nail you want to apply your nail art to first. Once you have completed all the steps, you can then apply Bluesky Base Coat, chosen gel polish colour and Top Coat to all other nails.

Apply Blossom Colour Gel

While the Base Coat is still wet, using a thin nail art brush apply a small dot of Blossom Gel Be My Dahlia to the corner of your nail.

Using your brush, drag out the gel in five areas to create a flower effect.

In between each of the five petals you have created, use a small amount of Blossom Gel to create smaller strokes to give depth to the design - do this by placing the brush in the area away from your design and then drag it back towards your flower.


Blossom gel trio how to

Blossom gel trio how to

Add To Your Design

In the opposite corner of your nail, repeat these steps using Blossom Gel Thistle Do Nicely.

Once happy with your design, you can then cure under yourBluesky Lamp for 60 seconds. 

You can add to your design if you'd like to include more detail. Cure once you're finished.

Texture & Finish

If you'd like to add more detail, you can use a small amount of white Gel Paint and trace around your petals. Cure for 60 seconds.

Apply Bluesky Top Coat to all nails and cure for 60 seconds.

Finish with a Bluesky Cleanser Wipe to remove the tacky layer and apply Cuticle Oil to nourish your nails.