9 years, 9 innovations: the top Bluesky products

9 years, 9 innovations: the top Bluesky products

This year we're celebrating our 9 year anniversary and looking back at almost a decade of style and trends.

We’ve put together our favourite gel manicure innovations and best Bluesky products from the last nine years that we know you’ll love too – that’s if you haven’t tried them already!

AquaColor Pens

Our latest innovation is one of our most unique. Our AquaColor nail pens enable you to doodle designs on your nails with ease to create your very own water-colour effect masterpiece. We chose eight stunning colours for our set of AquaColor pens, meaning you can draw your designs on top of any gel polish colour.

Bluesky AquaColor Nail Pens

Gum Gel 

Our revolutionary Gum Gel allows you to create nail extensions with ease. We crafted the perfect formula which means our Gum Gel applies and cures as easy as our Bluesky gel colours! The thicker consistency means it adds strength to the nails, as well as the ability to control the amount of product used.

Bluesky Gum Gel

Matrix Gel

If nail art isn’t your forte, Matrix Gel may be the one for you! Our take on spider gel means you can draw lines and intricate web work on your gel nail manicure, without having to worry about going wrong due to the product’s elasticity and easy to use nature.

Bluesky Matrix Gel


4D Gel

Once you’ve mastered the Matrix pen, the next step is getting creative! Our 4D Gel is easy to sculpt into different shapes for the gel nail manicure, enabling you to mould it in the palm of your hand to create your next masterpiece.

Bluesky 4D Gel


Emboss Gel

If a textured look is more your style, we’d like to introduce you to Emboss Gel. With a textured finish, you can create unique patterns and designs on your nails; choosing from 12 different colours to match with your chosen gel polish colour.

Bluesky Emboss Gel


Blossom Gel

Expanding upon our nail art selection, we introduced Blossom Gel; for stunning floral designs that look stunning as a full set or a simple feature nail. Coming in 14 colours, you’ll need to pair our Blossom Gel with our white or clear Blossom base coat to create this unique, blossoming effect.

Bluesky Blossom Gel


No Wipe Top Coat

We all know that a good top coat is a not-so-well-kept secret to the perfect gel manicure. But what about when you don’t have time to wait and then wipe your nails to finish your manicure off? Our No Wipe Top Coat does exactly what it says on the tin. Once applied and cured, you’re done! There’s a reason why it’s one of our best-selling and most-loved Bluesky products.

Bluesky No Wipe Top Coat


Builder Gel

Craft easy nail extensions with Builder Gel; designed for those of you who want to create strong, curvaceous nails with ease. Applied and cured just like our gel polish, Builder Gel is a great way to build on your nails and create easy extensions from home.

Bluesky Builder Gel


Cat Eye

One of our more enigmatic innovations, our Cat Eye gel gives a reflective, shimmering effect. It’s created by a magnet interacting with the tiny metallic particles in the gel polish during the application process for a completely unique result.

Bluesky Gel Nail Polish


While they may be our favourite innovations, we’ve got plenty more where that came from. Take a look at our range of collections and see if you can find something new to try. 

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