10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on Kenya

10 year anniversary -

10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on Kenya

To celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky, we’re joining forces with our Bluesky Family around the world to find out what Bluesky means to them. Through our series of blogs, we’ll be putting the spotlight on ten different countries to discover more about their culture, nail designs and more!

Meet The Team: Bluesky Kenya

Bluesky 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Kenya

We are incredibly proud to be part of the Bluesky family and to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary! For many years now, Bluesky has been a huge success in our country, with the largest number of colours and different products available in the nail market here in Kenya.

It is brilliant to be able to offer such a large, diverse range of colours for all our clients and customers – there really is something for everyone. We chose to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary with a vibrant purple as it is a great way of signifying our culture, which is one of celebration.

The traditional dance in Western Kenya, the Isukuti dance, is filled with energy and passion. It helps to bring families and communities together and is used for pretty much every occasion and stage of life – from childbirths to weddings to sporting events! We always want to make sure that our nails signify this sense of celebration too.

It means so much to us to be honouring such a big milestone in Bluesky’s history.  To us, Bluesky is a family. There is a sense of belongingness, and the team are all very cooperative and friendly. It is great to be able to celebrate just how far we have come as a team – and as a global team too.

Bluesky 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Kenya

10 Year Anniversary: Hakuna Matata

Kenya’s contribution to our 10 Year Anniversary Collection is the stunning, bright purple gel polish Hakuna Matata. It has been paired with a stand-out red shade Sippin’ Sangria from Spain and a beautiful bold pink I Lost My Heart in Chile to help you create gorgeous summer nail art!

Bluesky 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Kenya

Shop all the new gel polish colours in our 10 Year Anniversary Collection and help us celebrate history!

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