10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on Bulgaria

10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on Bulgaria

To celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky, we’re joining forces with our Bluesky Family around the world to find out what Bluesky means to them. Through our series of blogs, we’ll be putting the spotlight on ten different countries to discover more about their culture, nail designs and more!

Meet The Team: Bluesky Bulgaria

Bluesky Bulgaria

Being part of the Bluesky journey has been fantastic for all of us here in Bulgaria. It is one of the major nail brands in our country, and we aim to continue that trend over the next ten years and beyond!

When choosing a colour to celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky, we wanted to ensure our culture played a big part in our decision. The rose holds huge cultural importance for Bulgaria and is one of the symbols for our country, so it was vital for us to create a colour that incorporated this.

The Rose Festival, which takes place every year in our famous Rose Valley, is an amazing celebration of culture and nature. We wanted to re-create this celebration in our 10 Year Anniversary colour, with a gorgeous glitter gel polish that takes inspiration from our Bulgarian heritage.

We are so excited to be celebrating with our global teams to mark a decade of Bluesky. We know there is even more to come in the next ten years too!

Bluesky Bulgaria Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

10 Year Anniversary: Rose Valley Romance

Bulgaria’s contribution to our 10 Year Anniversary Collection is a striking purple shade filled with glitter. It takes pride of place in the collection alongside a light nude glitter Indian Summer and Greece’s gorgeous dusky pink glitter Island Hopping. A gorgeous trio filled with a shade for every occasion, each topped with a little sparkle.

Bluesky 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Bulgaria

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