Winter Nail Care Tips: How to stop nails breaking in the winter

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Winter Nail Care Tips: How to stop nails breaking in the winter

The colder weather is creeping in and while we’re a huge fan of the autumn winter season, our nails definitely don’t like it as much as we do!

Icy wind, snow and dry conditions really are a recipe for disaster when it comes to keeping your nail health in check and, with winter fast approaching, you need to make sure your routine is in check.

Are nails more brittle in the winter?

Cold air means dry skin and, if you’re not careful, that will mean damaged cuticles and brittle, broken nails. Constantly moving between hot and cold temperatures means the moisture levels in your nails is significantly reduced, leaving them dehydrated and resulting in more brittle nails.

So, how do I keep my nails from breaking in the winter?

Your nail care routine should never stop, and that’s especially true in colder months. Luckily for you, we’ve put together some simple steps to follow to keep your nails healthy during the colder months so you can keep your strong, long nails all season.

Look after your cuticles

The health of your nails begins with your cuticles and caring for them needs to be a process you undertake at all times – especially when the weather is colder. Apply cuticle oil daily to your nails and massage in to keep them healthy and hydrated. We recommend applying cuticle oil at night just before you go to bed so that they have all night to soak up the goodness!

Winter nail care tips - use a cuticle oil daily to keep your nails hydrated

Keep a moisturiser at hand

Along with your daily cuticle oil application, we also swear by a good moisturising hand lotion during the winter months. Keeping your hands, fingers and nails moisturised throughout the day will help you top up on moisture loss from the cold weather, preventing your nails from splitting, peeling and breaking.

Make sure you wear gloves

A good pair of gloves or mittens will not only keep your hands super warm on frosty mornings, but they’ll also add a layer of protection to your nails by keeping the harsh weather at bay. Nails become brittle when exposed to the cold, especially during winter tasks such as defrosting your car! Too much exposure to water can also wreak havoc for your nails, so wearing gloves when cleaning or washing up will help to protect your nails too.

Winter nail care tips - How do I keep my nails from drying out?

Opt for shorter nails

With the winter bringing with it more brittle nails, it’s wise to keep your nails a little shorter to avoid snags and breaks. Use a nail file to take the length of your nails down if you feel like they’re getting a little too long. Top tip: keep a spare file in your bag in case of a snagging emergency while you’re out and about!

A little extra care and attention will go a long way for your nails and will contribute to stunning nails no matter what the weather brings. And just think about all the new gel polish colours you can wear at Christmas parties while showing off your lovely, healthy nails!

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