The summer nail colours you need for 2019

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The summer nail colours you need for 2019

It may not feel like it at the moment in the UK, but summer is just around the corner. And that means one thing: getting your summer nails sorted!

Our spring summer collection was, of course, inspired by the top SS19 colour trends. From intense orange to delicate pastels, we took our favourites from this year’s Pantone chart and made them our own.

And while choosing our favourite colours from our SS19 collection proved to be difficult, we managed to select our top six that we know you’ll love just a much as we do.


Bluebell: pastels all the way

Bluesky gel nail polish

One of our best-selling SS19 colours so far, Bluebell is a stunning pastel blue with plenty of summer vibes. While the skies can’t always be this blue here in the UK, at least we can have it on our nails!


Calinda: a little touch of sunshine

Bluesky gel nail polish

It wouldn’t be summer without a splash of sunshine yellow to brighten your day. Our not-quite-neon shade Calinda from our SS19 collection is a bright, bold yellow and is the perfect way to welcome in the summer months. One of our new go-to holiday shades.


Amelia: a hint of glitter

Bluesky gel nail polish

If there’s anything that makes pink even better, it’s a touch of sparkle. We added fine glitter to Amelia for a faultless pink finish this summer. With similar vibes to one of our most popular musk pink colours, Amelia is the perfect match for those of you who can never stay away from pink - no matter what time of year.


Aviv: always time for lime

Bluesky gel nail polish

Can anyone else see this shade on their nails as they pick up a refreshing Mojito?! Our stunning lime green Aviv is the perfect colour for your gel polish summer arsenal. Bright enough to make an entrance, but a little quieter than neon.


Lia: a dreamy lilac

Bluesky gel nail polish

Pastels are huge this SS19, and this gorgeous lilac is up there with our favourites. Lia is one of our softer SS19 colours and sits alongside Bluebell as one of our best-sellers so far from the collection. A stunning pastel lilac for a more delicate summer look.


Anemona: spice up your summer

Bluesky gel nail polish

Orange is a classic summer shade and we knew our collection needed to keep the trend going. With deep burnt orange hues, there’s nothing subtle about Aneoma. Tumeric and bright red-oranges are very much on-trend this summer and a top choice for your nails - if we do say so ourselves...


Tried one of our SS19 colours? Or perhaps you have a different favourite that we've not listed? Make sure you tag us in your pictures and let us know over on Instagram - you can find us @bluesky_cosmetics.

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