Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Pamper time is essential. And what better time to gift your mum a little TLC than Mother's Day?

Whether she's already a gel polish queen, or a princess who could do with a treat, we’ve put together our Ultimate Bluesky Gift Guide for all our must-haves for Mother’s Day. Help her look and feel her best with our top gift ideas for mums.

Gel Polish Starter Kit

Gel Polish Starter Kit

The ultimate home manicure kit for busy people! Treat your mum to the full Bluesky gel polish set up with our Starter Kit. Our set includes our LED/UV nail lamp, three best-selling gel polish colours, Base Coat, Top Coat, Cleanser Wipes and a Nail File and Buffer.

That means she’ll have everything she needs for an at-home manicure – without a trip to the salon to factor in!

Shop our Starter Kit.

Mother’s Day Gift Set

Mother's Day Gifts For Nails

Our two most-popular gel polish shades, Musk Pink and Pink Gold, along with our trusty Base Coat and No Wipe Top Coat are included in this special Mother’s Day Gift Set.

This gorgeous combination of pink glitter and our stunning nude pink gel polish have been firm favourites recently, and she’ll definitely be pleased to have these as part of her Bluesky gel collection.

Shop the gift set.

Gift Cards

Bluesky Gift Cards

If your mum is already a huge Bluesky fan, our Gift Cards are the perfect way of showing you care, whilst letting her pick new colours to add to her collection – because we know some mums can be picky.

Our Gift Cards come straight to your inbox, so it’s the perfect present for those of you who are reading this one day out from Mother’s Day… (it’s okay, we’ve all been there!)

Shop Gift Cards - from £10! 

Gel Polish Sets

Gel Polish Sets

If she’s in need of a gel polish top up, our gel polish duo packs are the perfect present this Mother's Day.

With 12 sets to choose from, you’ll be able to gift your mum something brand new for her to try, or make sure she has a great supply of her favourite gel polish colours.

Shop All The Sets.

Still not decided on a present? Shop all our gel polish, top and base coats, plus Bluesky accessories for gift ideas - plus make sure you're signed up to our newsletter for 10% off!

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