How To Avoid Split Nails

How To Avoid Split Nails

You've never known real heartbreak until you come to do a fresh gel manicure and... your nail splits.

While repairing them is one option, another is to take proper care of them in the first place. We've put together our top tips to avoid split and brittle nails so you can update your nail care routine and learn how to prevent your nails from breaking.

First Things First: What Causes A Split Nail?

A split nail can be caused by a number of things. Typically, this is either from physical stress (such as bad gel polish removal – we’re looking at you, peelers!) or general wear and tear.

While split nails may seem unavoidable, there’s plenty you can be doing to protect your nails to keep them stronger, longer and stave off the splits!

Remove Gel Polish Properly

How to remove gel polish properly

The main culprit for brittle nails isn’t gel polish, but poor removal techniques! While it may be tempting to pick and peel at your gel mani when it’s time to remove it, this can be a really easy way to cause damage to your natural nails – damage that can take months to un-do!

Always remove your gel polish properly – acetone-soaked cotton pads wrapped in foils or our Remover Wraps work great. Leave them to soak in the acetone for 10-15 minutes before using an orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher to gently remove any remaining gel on your nails.

Tip: We have a full guide on how to remove gel nail polish.

Always Gently Buff & File Your Nails

How to avoid split nails

Over-filing or buffing too harshly can cause your nails to become brittle and split. When filing your nails, make sure you do so in one direction and in slow movements – too much too quickly can weaken the nail and cause them to split.

When it comes to buffing your nails before applying gel polish and when removing it too, over-buffing can be an easy way to damage your nails.

Again, use gentle movements when using a Nail Buffer and don’t over-buff your nails – if you can’t remove the last bit of your gel polish by buffing it off, soak them again in acetone rather than being too aggressive with the buffer!

Practice Good Cuticle Care

Why should I use cuticle oil

Your cuticles are important because they help your nails to grow strong and healthy. Don’t look after them and you get the opposite! Simple steps for cuticle care can be taken to ensure your nails stay free from splits and breaks.

Simply apply a Cuticle Oil (we recommend daily) and massage it into your nails to promote nail growth and to keep them hydrated. Our Bluesky Cuticle Oil also has plenty of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that offer a huge number of benefits for your skin.

Avoid Too Much Exposure To Water

Avoid over-exposure to water

Leaving nails soaking in water for longer periods of time can cause them to weaken and split over time, and while it's pretty impossible to avoid water (because we all love a nice long soak in the bath every now and again) you can take steps to be more mindful about your nails.

Make sure you always wear gloves when washing up or cleaning, and try and keep the long baths to a minimum for the sake of stronger nails.

Got some more tips you swear by? Add them to the comments below and let us know what works for you!

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