How Do I Protect My Nails In The Sun?

How Do I Protect My Nails In The Sun?

We all love spending time in the sunshine. But if you’re not careful, your nails won’t be enjoying it! Just like we protect our skin in the sun we need to remember our nails too. Here are our top tips for keeping your nails healthy during summer.

Nourish your nails

Moisturiser and Cuticle Oil should always be your two best friends, but they’re even more important in the summer. Not only does the sun dry out your skin and nails but the extra exposure to water in swimming pools and the sea can play havoc with your hydration levels.

Keep topping up the moisture by moisturising your hands and feet regularly and applying cuticle oil often to keep your nails hydrated. Top tip: apply Cuticle Oil and massage it into your nails and cuticles; we also love applying it before bed, so it has the whole night to soak in without being washed off.

Remember the SPF

When applying suncream don’t forget your hands and fingers! While our hands are more used to sunlight than the rest of our body, that doesn’t mean they can’t burn; they’re still just as susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays as any other part of your body.

Massage SPF into your hands and fingers and make sure to top up regularly, especially if you take a dip in a pool or wash your hands. That goes for the rest of your body too!

How do I protect my nails in the sun?

Keep an eye on the length

It’s no secret that the sun helps your nails to grow – but be wary of just how long they’re getting. Nails that grow too long can become too heavy for the nail plate to support, leaving them more susceptible to chipping and breaking.

Thinking about the shape of your nails before you get your pre-holiday manicure is important. Round nails are less likely to break, so if you’re worried about breakages during a longer holiday it’s a wise idea to opt for a rounder shape.

While your gel manicure should add further strength and protection to your nails, it’s always worth keeping a nail file to hand when you’re on holiday to take care of any snags that may occur.

Drink plenty of water

Hydration works from the inside out. It’s incredibly important to keep your water intake high when spending time in the sunshine so that you don’t become too dehydrated.

Not only will plenty of water keep your body working as it should and stave off any dehydration headaches, but topping up on water will also have a positive impact on the hydration levels of your skin and nails too.

How do I protect my nails in the sun?

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