Nail Trends: How To Create Bubble Nails

Nail Trends: How To Create Bubble Nails

There’s a new trend taking over, and it’s a lot simpler to create than you might think! Say hello to bubble nails, which only need soap and a little water to create brilliant patterns for your gel nail manicure.

What are bubble nails?

Bubble nails are a great nail art effect to create from home because all you need is your Bluesky gel polish kit and… some soap! The effect is created by placing soap bubbles on your nails at the end of your gel manicure for a different kind of nail art!


What do I need to create bubble nails?


    How do I create bubble nails?

    1. Apply a thin layer of Bluesky Base Coat to your nails and cure for 60 seconds under your Bluesky nail lamp.
    2. Apply your chosen colour gel polish – we’ve found that darker gel polish makes the bubble effect stand out more, but it works with any colour! Cure for 60 seconds.
    3. Apply a further 1-2 coats of gel polish until you are happy with the coverage, curing for 60 seconds after each application.
    4. Apply Bluesky No Wipe Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds.
    5. Take your soap and a dish and add water; mix until you have created ‘soap foam,’ so you have plenty of bubbles to add to your design.
    6. Apply a further layer of Bluesky No Wipe Top Coat but this time don’t cure it. Instead, carefully apply the bubbles over the top of your nails – you will need to apply a lot of bubbles to completely cover the nail. Once applied cure for 60 seconds.
    7. Wipe the excess bubbles away using a Bluesky Cleanser Wipe and your new nail art will be complete!



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