5 of the best summer wedding nail ideas

5 of the best summer wedding nail ideas

Wedding season is upon us, and whether you’re getting ready for your own big day or your best friend’s, there’s one important element you can never forget: nails.

Just like your hair and make-up choices, your wedding manicure can act as the perfect finishing touch. Give your nails that special touch, perfect for a wedding day. Bluesky has all the bits you need for a chip-free, high quality gel manicure in the comfort of your own home. 

We’ve compiled our favourite gel colours to help you get ready for the big day; from perfect polishes for the bride-to-be to great looks to match with your wedding outfit.

The classic French manicure

Would this really be a wedding nails blog without the classic look to end all classic looks? The French manicure is elegant and delicate. Arguably the most stylish of manicures, it’s a design that never goes out of fashion, especially where weddings are concerned.

We love pairing Cream Puff and Negligee or Studio White and Clear Pink for our French manicure, but you can choose from plenty of other light pinks too.

Wedding nail ideas

Perfect pastels

Summer weddings and pastels naturally go hand in hand. In keeping with the elegance of a wedding, pastels are the perfect choice for the big day. Coming in plenty of different colours, they’re a great option for bridesmaids to match the colour theme or for wedding guests too.

Our 2019 spring summer collection features two of our favourite pastels; Lia in a lovely lilac shade and Bluebell in a sky blue. And if you’re after something a little more vibrant, Pastel Purple or Peach Passion from our pastel neon range will add a touch of colour to your outfit.

Wedding nail ideas

Create with 4D gel

If you’re looking to get creative, using our 4D sculpting gel and creating a feature nail is one of our favourite wedding looks. Pairing your favourite base colour with our white 4D gel you can create this gorgeously delicate lace effect.

Our top tip for 4D gel is to make sure you use cleanser to avoid adhesion. You can simply apply the gel onto your desired nail and shape using a cuticle pusher.

Wedding nail ideas

Get nude

There’s always something stunning about a good nude polish. Weddings are a great place to go for neutral nails, whether you opt for a soft nude pink like Nude Sunday or flesh-coloured shade like Blindfold.

Another of our favourites, Bare Lingerie, is a classic bridal shade; and if you’re looking for something with a touch of glitter, Strawberry Smoothie is the way to go.

Wedding nail ideas

All that glitters

This is one for those who really want their nails to be front and centre. Whether you apply it as a feature nail or go all out, glitter gel polish is a look that will always be iconic.

The perfect choice for a touch of sparkle, silver glitter is a great option for any outfit – and will always go with a white wedding dress. We're also a lover of any shade of pink glitter, especially when it's paired with a solid gel polish. And if you want to go bold with gold, our favourites are Gold Button and Razzle Dazzle.

Wedding nail ideas

We're always on the lookout for more nail inspiration, so if you've got more wedding gel nail ideas be sure to tag us in your looks on Instagram @bluesky_cosmetics. And if you try out any of these six designs for your big day, we'd love to see them!

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