10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on the Philippines

10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on the Philippines

To celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky, we’re joining forces with our Bluesky Family around the world to find out what Bluesky means to them. Through our series of blogs, we’ll be putting the spotlight on ten different countries to discover more about their culture, nail designs and more!

Meet The Team: Bluesky Philippines

Bluesky Philippines

Here in the Philippines we value tradition and family very highly. We are so happy and so proud to be working with a world-renowned brand that provides a real family atmosphere, focusing on creating long-lasting relationships with everyone we meet.

From the people who work within Bluesky’s global teams, to the clients we meet on a daily basis, Bluesky really is one big family, and we are delighted to be celebrating 10 years of success with everyone!

We combined two important parts of our culture for the 10 Year Anniversary Collection. Celebrations and fiestas are a big part of the Filipino culture, and our country is also known for having an abundance of beautiful beaches and stunning landscapes.

To join these parts of our culture, we chose a glitter gel polish that sparkles all day and night. It signifies celebration and beauty in equal measure.

Bluesky 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Philippines

10 Year Anniversary: Fly Me To The Philly’s

To celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky, the team from the Philippines chose a sparkly purple gel polish for the collection. This has been paired with a lovely light pink glitter Sunsets In Panama and gorgeous dusky purple Under The Oman Stars. The perfect set for all you glitter lovers!

Shop all the new gel polish colours in our 10 Year Anniversary Collection and help us celebrate history!

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