10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on Spain

10 Years of Bluesky: Spotlight on Spain

To celebrate 10 Years of Bluesky, we’re joining forces with our Bluesky Family around the world to find out what Bluesky means to them. Through our series of blogs, we’ll be putting the spotlight on ten different countries to discover more about their culture, nail designs and more!

Meet The Team: Bluesky Spain

Bluesky Spain

It really means a lot to us to be working with Bluesky teams around the world to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. Our culture really values families and it is a symbol of integrity, recognition, and love. The team here in Spain all love being part of such a big, global family and we pride ourselves on creating this same atmosphere for all our clients and customers too.

Our contribution to the 10 Year Anniversary Collection was inspired by our love of festivals, colour and our culture – it just had to be a red gel polish!

Not only is the colour symbolic and taken from our national flag, but it represents so much more that we love about our country. Known around the world for our vibrant festivals, we chose the bright red shade to stand for celebration and excitement.

The name is almost as important! Sangria, of course, is one of the most popular drinks in Spanish cuisine that we are famous for around the world. We were pleased to be able to give an additional nod to our culture with both the colour and the name too!

Bluesky Spain Team

10 Year Anniversary: Sippin’ Sangria

Spain’s contribution to our 10 Year Anniversary Collection is the stand-out red shade Sippin’ Sangria. It has been paired with a bright purple gel polish Hakuna Matata from Kenya, and a beautiful bold pink I Lost My Heart in Chile to help you create gorgeous summer nail art!

Bluesky 10 Year Anniversary Collection - Spain

Shop all the new gel polish colours in our 10 Year Anniversary Collection and help us celebrate history!

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