Bluesky Perfect Nails Gel Nail Kit

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Get the complete home manicure set up with our perfect nails gel nail kit! Including all the essentials you need for gorgeous gel manicures. Great for those who struggle with peeling, gel polish lifting, or uneven nail beds.

Your Gel Manicure Kit Includes:

1x Mini Nail Lamp with USB lead (6W UV/LED)
1x Primer 10ml
1x Cuticle Oil 10ml
1x Hard Gel (Clear) 10ml
1x Base Coat 10ml
1x No Wipe Top Coat 10ml
1x Ridge Filler Base Coat 10ml
1x Mini Nail File
1x Mini Nail Buffer
1x Cuticle Sticks (Pack of 10)
1x Cleanser Wipes (Pack of 20)
1x Remover Wraps (Pack of 20)