Bluesky Matching Mum & Kids Nail Polish Bundle

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Our matching mum and kids bundle includes six water-based nail polish for kids, and six matching gel polish for mum for the perfect family activity!

Get six water-based nail polishes and six matching gel nail polishes in this limited edition bundle. Each AirKiss nail polish uses our water-based formula, easy to apply and remove by gently peeling off the nail.

Our gel polishes come in our handy 5ml bottles, so you and the kids can match!

Your AirKiss Nail Polish Set Includes:

1x Pink
1x Yellow
1x Blue
1x Orange
1x Purple
1x Light Pink

Your 5ml Gel Polish Set Includes:

1x Bicycle Yellow - 80576
1x Digi-Teal - 80613
1x Orange Sweetie - A012
1x Purple Ahoy - A100
1x Cake Pop - 80547
1x Pop Pink - 80519