10 Year Anniversary Gel Polish Bundle

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Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary in style. This is the ultimate gel polish bundle to add to your Bluesky Collection, with TEN exclusive gel polishes included for just £37.50.

What's In My Bundle?

The bundle includes all nine 5ml miniature bottles in our 10 Year Anniversary Collection PLUS our 10ml UK bottle! The bundle is priced at £37.50 - that's ten bottles of gel polish for under £40.

Your 10 Colours Are...

1x United Blingdom - Red, Silver & Blue Glitter (10ml)
1x I Lost My Heart In Chile - Bright Pink (5ml)
1x Hakuna Matata - Purple (5ml)
1x Sippin' Sangria - Red (5ml)
1x Rose Valley Romance - Magenta Glitter Sparkle (5ml)
1x Indian Summer - Nude Pink Glitter Sparkle (5ml)
1x Island Hopping - Mauve Glitter Sparkle (5ml)
1x Fly Me To The Philly's - Purple Glitter (5ml)
1x Sunsets In Panama - Rose Gold Glitter (5ml)
1x Under The Oman Stars - Light Bronze Glitter (5ml)

Each bottle lid is uniquely decorated with flags from countries around the world - a real Bluesky collectors item!