How You Can Make A Change This Veganuary

How You Can Make A Change This Veganuary

Happy January Veganuary!

January has rolled around once more and after the year we have all experienced, it has become crystal clear that we need to prioritise caring for ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet.

While many people will be challenging themselves to ditch alcohol for Dry January or prepping for a month of fitness in aid of Red January, a growing percentage of people across the globe will be switching things up and participating in Veganuary.

Vegan gel nail polish

Veganuary is a movement established in 2014 that has since encouraged over one million people to experience a sustainable vegan lifestyle for 31 days to show that is not as daunting as it first may seem, helping people to understand that this can be achieved by making small changes in our day to day lives. From having a meat-free day to changing from butter to margarine, every little change makes a big impact.

Those participating will charge into the Veganuary experience trading their cows’ milk for oat milk and ditching the plastic straw, but most will forget that everyday items can be exchanged for vegan and cruelty-free alternatives too. From food and drink to makeup and clothes, seemingly every product today has a vegan option available – and nail products are no different!

While people make the transition into Veganism for reasons ranging from focusing on their health to their love of animals, causing a range of debates, we all share a common concern: Planet Earth.

Vegan gel nail polish

In 2021, we should all be playing our part in taking care of our world by making conscious, sustainable choices…and what better way to do this than by taking some time for self-care and painting your nails with our range of beautiful vegan gel polishes?

Having coined the term ‘vegan’, The Vegan Society has created a trademark recognised globally to help you find approved Vegan and Cruelty-free products. As you will be happy to hear, Bluesky Cosmetics are registered by The Vegan Society, and therefore all of our gel polishes are approved, meaning style does not have to be compromised at all for sustainability.

By joining us on our social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, you will be able to tick ‘Find the PERFECT Vegan Nail Products’ off your 2021 to do list and will be well on your way to veganizing your beauty routine. We encourage you to share images of the products you purchase from us this month with the hashtags of #veganuary and #vegannails – we can’t wait to see what you create!

Vegan gel nail polish

Veganuary is a great way to start making small and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Find out more about the movement and how you can get involved, and discover more about The Vegan Society this month.

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