Want to become a Bluesky Ambassador?

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Want to become a Bluesky Ambassador?

We’ve been blown away by how excited you’ve all been about our new Nail Mail Subscription Service and just how many of you have already been shouting about this across social media. We’ve seen plenty of you rave about your colours, recommend it to friends, and let us know how much you’re loving the new service.

So, we wanted to reward our most avid Bluesky Nail Mail fans by creating our first ever ambassador programme! Take a look at all the details below to see if you'd be a good fit for the programme, and then fill out the form to apply!

Bluesky Nail Mail. How to become a Bluesky ambassador.

Who makes a great Bluesky Ambassador?  

A Bluesky Ambassador will be a little bit in love with Bluesky and refuse to use any other brand. Not only will you be subscribed to receive our monthly Nail Mail (of course), but you will use all our other products regularly and shout about it all the time on both your social media channels and in your day to day life.

Our ambassador programme will be open to both qualified Nail Technicians and our avid home-users.

What would I have to do as a Bluesky Nail Mail Ambassador?  

Not a lot more to be honest! You’re doing it anyway! If you’re selected to be part of our new programme, it means we love your social style, frequency of posts, the sort of posts you’re doing and we are proud to have you represent our brand.  

You will:  

  1. Be prepared to talk about your monthly Nail Mail and share your new colours – while we’ll continue to keep the colours a secret for as long as possible, we’ll be pointing people towards YOU if they want a sneak peek!
  1. Be passionate about Bluesky – whether it’s your line of work or your favourite hobby.
  1. Use your free Nail Mail and any other gifted products to create content (photos, videos etc.) for Bluesky marketing activity within 14 days of receipt. 
  1. Maintain a consistent style and quality of imagery.

What would I get as a Bluesky Nail Mail Ambassador?  

Apart from the general kudos, love and PR that will come with being appointed as an ambassador, you will also receive:  

  1. Free Nail Mail each and every month at the beginning of every month.
  2. Access to other new product collections in advance of their release – for FREE.
  3. A discount on our website (and on Bluesky Professional for our Nail Technicians!)
  4. The chance to participate in the development of the Nail Mail service – including feeding back to help us choose the monthly colours!

Am I eligible to become a Bluesky Nail Mail Ambassador?  

Before applying, we ask that you tick all the below criteria:  

  1. I only use Bluesky nail products
  2. I am already subscribed to Bluesky Nail Mail 
  3. I have a public Instagram account with 1,000+ followers 
  4. I already ‘like’ the Bluesky Instagram and Facebook pages 
  5. I am 18+ years old
  6. I live in and am eligible to work in the UK 

I tick all the boxes, how can I apply?  

Simply fill out our application form! You will be required to submit:  

  1. Your social media handles
  2. Links to 2-3 examples of your previous work
  3. A short and snappy paragraph explaining why you should be the next Bluesky Ambassador

Sounds great, when is the closing date?  

The first round of applications to the Nail Mail Ambassador Programmes close on 31st August. Make sure you have submitted your entry before 23.59! 

How will I know if I have been successful?  

If you are successful, we will contact you directly by email with full details of the Ambassador Programme. Once agreed, we will set you up with your free Nail Mail and send you a welcome pack so you’re ready to start posting!  

Bluesky Nail Mail

If you're yet to purchase your monthly Nail Mail yet, you can subscribe at any time during the month to receive this month's exclusive colours!


  • Bluesky

    Hi Zoe,

    Yes, applications are currently closed however do make sure you’re following us on social media to keep up to date when we next open applications :)


  • Zoe Roberts

    Hi… Is the application process now closed as on 31st August 2020 or is it 31st August 2021.

  • Bluesky

    Hi Tania :) Thanks for commenting. We use Instagram as our main platform for communication with our community, so we would prefer our ambassadors to have an Instagram presence due to this.

    That being said, you are welcome to apply when future ambassador programmes open up as we are happy to consider all applicants providing you fit the other criteria :)

  • Tania

    I use Bluesky all the time and love products and quote them in all my client pics. Can it not be enough to be using facebook and not instagram to be an ambassador? Most of my clients only use FB and not insta and so I wondered if just FB would be considered?

  • Sara Watson

    I’d absolutely LOVE to become a brand ambassador for Blueskycosmetics! Yesterday, I opened a new Instagram page just for promoting Bluesky which I have been using for the past 6 years! Already I have 29 Followers in just one day! You can find the page by searching for @ellenporium
    I do nails for friends and family on a regular basis and my own on a fortnightly basis. I have some photos on my person Instagram as well as an entire folder on my personal Facebook which I update every time I do my or someone else’s nails. I have already filled out the application form yesterday!
    And of course I am already subscribed to the Nail Mail!

    This is my new nail page: https://www.instagram.com/p/CD1OXkbl4KK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

    This is my personal page: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAKV5XiDnfz/

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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